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March 13, 2023

XanPay Integration Fuels SociaBuzz's Growth and Success



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About SociaBuzz 

SociaBuzz is an innovative platform for creators to monetize their content with tips and digital content sales. Initially targeting Indonesia, it now caters to a global audience and is expanding its payment options to better serve fans worldwide. This provides creators with a new way to engage with their audience and earn from their creative work.

In this case study we explore how SociaBuzz leveraged XanPay to drive its growth.

Payment Challenges Faced by SociaBuzz

SociaBuzz offers a wide range of payment options, including e-wallets and popular banks in Indonesia. By teaming up with XanPay, it stood out from competitors by accepting alternative payment methods (APMs) beyond credit cards, providing users with more flexibility and convenience.

SociaBuzz integrated with XanPay to reach a broader range of customers beyond Indonesia, such as Malaysia and the Philippines. This strategic move helped SociaBuzz offer more payment options and accept payments from a wider audience, allowing the platform to better meet the needs of its growing user base and continue its growth trajectory.

Download the full case study here.022023_ABM_Digital Services_CaseStudy_SociaBuzz


Why XanPay?

XanPay covers many countries in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific and has a simple pricing structure. Its user-friendly desktop platform helps businesses manage their payments. With successful fundraising and expansion plans, XanPay looks poised for future growth and potentially more payment methods on its platform.

SociaBuzz’s Take on Working with XanPay

XanPay provides unparalleled support with a 20-30 minute turnaround time, ensuring that businesses receive quick and efficient assistance with any issues they may encounter, resulting in smooth and efficient operation.

"XanPay has empowered SociaBuzz to reach new heights. The availability of multiple payment methods has allowed our creators to maximize their earning potential and has been a key factor in our success. Thank you, XanPay, for your continued support!" - Team SociaBuzz 

What Does 2023 Look Like?

The company plans to expand payment methods for creators, use local payment gateways, and increase awareness marketing. These efforts will help creators reach a wider audience and succeed in the market.

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