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October 17, 2022

Top 12 Online Payment Alternatives to PayPal

If you have bought something online, you likely would have come across PayPal to complete the transaction. For personal or professional use, PayPal is one of the most popular online payment services for sending and receiving money. However, there are a lot of other online payment platforms that are gaining traction. With common issues faced with PayPal, such as card rejection and inability to use currency converter, users are looking for other online payment alternatives. If you are involved in online business, here are the top 12 alternatives to PayPal for you to consider.

Top 12 online payment alternatives to paypal

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Google Pay is a secure mobile payment platform developed by Google. It powers online, contactless, and in-app payment solutions. Users can easily make payments through android phones, watches, and even tablets. You don't have to pay additional fees while using a debit card to purchase or through a service. However, there is a 2.9% fee for payments done by credit card. It is a trending online payment platform you may have likely encountered already. Google Pay enables you to pay via simple integration with Google Assistant and offers a safe and secure payment under the Google brand. On the downside, the app is not accepted everywhere and can also crash in the middle of the transfer.

2. WePay

WePay provides impeccable customer service and also offers fraud protection. It is a good alternative for PayPal as customers can make purchases without leaving your site through a virtual terminal. This makes the site look professional. WePay is a convenient option for small businesses that work with WePay partners. It is customizable and doesn't have any set up of monthly fees. However, WePay does not offer phone support for technical questions and charges a potentially high processing cost based on the platform.


3. XanPay

XanPay is an excellent alternative to PayPal. It accepts local payments in 15 Asian markets and helps you tap into your next billion consumers by simply switching to XanPay. Manage your payments with zero risk of chargebacks and integrate with 100+ payment methods. The XanPay plugin can be embedded in your online storefront to join hundreds of small businesses. Moreover, you can customize the XanPay widget's look and feel to fit your interface. With XanPay, you can grow your business via local payment integration and serve customers you previously couldn't reach.

4. 2Checkout

2Checkout has garnered a lot of positive reviews and is known as a solid alternative to PayPal. It helps your business accept payments from all over the world, and if you decide to keep the payment release level high, you can also save on the money transfer fees. 2CheckOut also has high transaction and transfer fees. Getting on board with 2CheckOut is also easy, and their support is good. The company features a shopping cart, international payments, and recurring billing. This online payment platform has soon become a favorite among users.


5. Authorize.net

Authorize.net is an online payment gateway that has been around since 1996 and is one of the most widely used payment gateways as well. The platform offers support for a variety of currencies and has robust security as well as anti-fraud features. The month-to-month billing makes it an excellent option. If you are looking for an alternative to PayPal, authorize.net is a good solution since it has excellent customer support and service. The downside of this platform is that it may be more expensive for some users, and the all-in-one option may confuse some customers.


6. Skrill

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has some great features, such as low fees, a free setup, and the ability to send text messages directly from your account. Apart from being a simple alternative to PayPal, Skrill is a good option for international merchants as you are allowed to transfer your account balance to a prepaid debit card within no time. 

Skrill offers personal and business options, and you can send money quickly to an email address or phone number linked to a bank account. The platform also provides a prepaid card powered by MasterCard and comes with a user-friendly mobile app. As for the cons, Skrill has a complex fee structure and high currency exchange fees for "skrill to skrill" international transfers.

7. ProPay

ProPay is a payment gateway service for small businesses. The platform offers small businesses an easy way of processing credit and debit card payments online. ProPay also helps companies by adding many features like multi-currency support, fraud protection, recurring billing, and customer management. Moreover, ProPay is also accepted by eBay. It is a reliable online payment gateway that serves as a great alternative to PayPal.  

8. Dwolla

Dwolla is similar to PayPal as you can do everything, right from paying your friends to accepting payments at your place of business. The unique thing about this service is that it is specialized in automated clearing house (ACH) payments for a long time. Dwolla has also built many simple branded tools and flexible APIs to access ACH quickly and do things other services cannot do. 

With flat-fixed monthly fees, you can avail of their branded capabilities such as sending, receiving and requesting funds and premium services like next-day transfer, higher limits, etc. The low transaction fees and white label service are the advantages of Dwolla, whereas no credit transactions are the disadvantages. Nonetheless, Dwolla has made online payment methods simpler.

9. Braintree

Braintree has been steadily growing since 2007. The platform's features include a payment gateway, credit card storage, recurring billing, and global online and mobile businesses to accept credit card payments through a merchant account. The user interface of Braintree is great and you have an extensive range of integrations to choose from. Braintree makes a good alternative for PayPal as it offers multi-currency options, easy functionality, and many payment types. On the downside, it does not support high-risk industries, and the setup time takes longer.

10. Stripe

Stripe is a rapidly growing startup that removes the need for a gateway or merchant account. Stripe takes care of your payment needs, from storing cards to direct payouts to your bank account and handling subscriptions. It offers a flat rate and transparent pricing and supports various payment methods and currencies. The platform provides 24/7 customer support via email and phone and is easy to set up. However, the open API and tools might be difficult to use if you don't have software development skills. Stripe also has limited functionality for retail businesses and restaurants.

11. Payoneer

Payoneer is yet another online payment platform that operates in more than 150 countries. It offers a free account that allows withdrawals directly into your bank account. You can also have another version that is a prepaid card available to individuals. Payoneer offers an affordable alternative for buying and setting up a POS system if you don't wish to accept payments through credit cards. 

Local bank transfers and e-checks cost 1%, whereas transfers between Payoneer customers are free. However, Payoneer does not come with a payment gateway or virtual terminal and will not work with your POS, which limits how you accept payments. Payoneer also holds your funds/terminates your account if it suspects fraud.

12. Square

Wondering what the other alternatives to PayPal are? Square might be what you are looking for! It works best for in-person transactions and retail and has two main plans. Square Point of Sales helps you accept cards, checks, gift cards, and cash to process invoices and recurring payments. You can also swipe cards without connection, so you don't have to worry about losing business due to outages. Square for Retail helps you sell faster by tracking inventory, managing your vendors, and creating customer profiles with each sale. Square has a user-friendly interface and is feature rich with all one system. As for the cons, Square has costly add-on services, weak customer support, and high-risk businesses that may not be accepted. 


And there you have it! These top 12 online payment alternatives to PayPal are popular, reliable and user-friendly. If you are looking for an online payment platform that is safe, easy to integrate and has a robust customer experience then XanPay is a great option. To learn more, visit our website.

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