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February 17, 2021

How to Improve Sales Funnel for B2C Business

How to increase sales for a B2C business by improving sales funnel.

Times have changed. Technology has revolutionized our lives in many aspects including the way of operating our businesses. The aspects of buying and selling, as a customer as well as a business owner, have changed due to technology. As a business owner, it is necessary to integrate technological tools to improve the sales funnel of your business. In this article, we take a look at how you can improve sales for your B2C business by working on your sales funnel.

XanPay - How to Improve Sales Funnel for B2C Business

What is B2C Business?

B2C stands for business to customer or consumer. This is the type of business model that targets the customer directly for sales. There is no medium between the customer and the business. Retail shops, the marketplace, on-demand sales, telemarketing, and online sales are some of the examples of B2C business.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel also referred to as a marketing funnel, is a visual representation of the journey a prospective customer takes to finally buy a certain product or service. It has some stages that a customer undergoes to make a sale. These stages are

• Awareness

• Interest/consideration/evaluation

• Desire/preference

• Purchase decision/action

Some marketing experts add two more stages to the funnel and these are loyalty and advocacy. Loyalty is when the customer becomes faithful to your brand and advocacy is that he starts to spread the word about your business and becomes its brand ambassador.

Uses of Sales Funnel to Improve your B2C Business

These are some of the ways that you can implement to drive awareness towards your brand and convert customers into users of your product or services.

  • Blogs

Blogs are an innovative way to spread awareness about products or services. Nowadays every business website has a blog section as well. In this section, one can write content related to their main products or services without getting overboard on it. For example, a clothing brand writing about what colours to wear in spring, new trends, etc. This involves the audience as well as attract more traffic when people come through online searches. In the process, you are successfully engaging the audience in the first two stages of the sales funnel.

  • Social Media Marketing

Billions of people around the globe are connected through social media platforms. Ensuring an active presence on these platforms is therefore imperative for creating awareness, developing interest, and prompting the consumer’s desire to take purchase action. Select the relevant social media channel that suits your particular business and make interesting or informative posts about your business or your industry. Your social media channels can not only improve sales for your business but also your ranking on the search engines.

  • Paid campaigns

You can run online paid campaigns to increase the conversion rate of your audience. By conversion rate we mean the percentage of people that become your customer after knowing about your business. There are different ways of running online paid campaigns. Pay per click (PPC) is one such method that is also very popular. You pay the website showing your ad only after someone clicks on it or by the number of impressions it receives from prospective clients. These campaigns are very effective in creating awareness about your business and also increasing sales.

  • PR Campaigns

The PR campaigns should be a blend of the modern and traditional ways of attracting clients. You can use TV and print media ads, email advertisements, live events in shopping areas for traditional PR campaigns. As for modern ways you can use influencer marketing, online referral, social media trends, for spreading awareness about your business or platform.

  • CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is software that you use to interact with your existing and potential clients. It uses various tools and techniques to identify how you can better target a prospect or an existing client. Through data, you can target a prospect or retarget a current customer and offer them the product or service they require. CRM together with email marketing can improve the sales funnel for your B2C business.

  • Checkout Page

A recent study indicates that 1 out of 5 shoppers abandon their carts owing to the ‘too long/complicated checkout process. The checkout page should also be designed to keep the client’s interest intact. Make it specific and precise. It is necessary to integrate a payment page that facilitates you to offer an optimized experience that drives a customer’s journey from cart to purchase.

Your checkout page should be customized so as to cater to international clients, offer various payment methods, offer an option for local payments, faster process, and access through multiple methods. You can easily integrate XanPay through three different methods as per your branding needs.

xanPay - 3 ways to integrate

  • Payment Methods

Payment methods are an integral part of increasing your sales funnel for B2C businesses. Moreover, it helps you expand your operations beyond local customers and cater to a global audience. Digital transactions are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of eCommerce and online shopping. It is necessary to ensure that your business caters to multiple payment methods, offering the option of local payments as well.

XanPay’s infrastructure integrates its proprietary C2C-routing-technology to facilitate cross-border payments between payment service providers, businesses, and their customers. It allows businesses to offer local payment methods in various countries including Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, India, and more.

  • Email Newsletter

Ask for permission from your client for an email newsletter for your company’s sales offer, special promotions, new products, etc. If the client checks for this option, then use the newsletter to its full potential. Do not forget to include a clear call-to-action button in the newsletter. By clicking on that button client should land on your business page asking for final confirmation of the purchase decision. Make the newsletter simple, fun, exciting, colorful, informative, and action-oriented. You will see how it will improve awareness about your products and converts more and more prospects to your clients.

Bottom Line

In this article, we explored some tools, methods, and systems that you can use to increase your sales for B2C businesses. Deploying these methods will help you in having a global presence and widen your sales funnel.

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