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February 17, 2021

How Brands Communicate and Operate in the Post Covid-19 Era?

Tips and guide for how brands communicate and operate post the covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 has changed our world and that is not an understatement. Like individuals, businesses and brands are also adjusting to the new realities and as they say; adapting to the ‘new normal’. How has Covid-19 impacted the brands and how they are surviving and operating in these pandemic times? In this article, we will understand how brands communicate with consumers in post-covid-19 times.

XanPay - How Brands Communicate and Operate in the Post Covid-19 Era?

  • The 3C's

Public speakers and students of business are well aware of the three 3Cs of communication: clear, concise, and consistent. They constitute the core of any good communication. Now, in the post-Covid-19 era, their importance has become all the more relevant. Brands are now cautious than ever than any information and communication they must disseminate to the general public, their loyal customers, or even their employees must adhere to these 3 Cs.

  • Authenticicty

In these times it has become all the more important to be as authentic as possible. While this is a basic human virtue expected of you but we often lack this trait. Brands have to be forthcoming about the challenges they are facing and come clean about it. They should communicate with their audience how they intend to tide over their difficulties and what difficulties they can possibly face during their ordeal.

The government agencies, like the Federal Trade Commission in the US, have also become proactive in this regard. They do not want any business to misguide the general public regarding the pandemic. Anything that can be misinterpreted, has the potential to cause panic in the general public must be avoided.

  • Add value to your proposition

In order to lure customers, the brands now have to revisit their sales and marketing strategies. They need to focus more on the ‘why’ aspect of their product and service. They should add value to their sales narrative. The consumers should be made to realize what they are missing at how by having this product their life would be positively impacted. This is a empathetic view of marketing that should be followed now. Consumers should be nurtured and coaxed into buying something rather than out rightly and bluntly telling them to do so. How it should be done is up to the brands to decided keeping in view the utility of their products and services.

  • Engagement through social media

As people are forced to sit home and limit their outdoor excursions, the power of online communication and especially social media has unfolded like never before. Brands are making their presence more and more visible on social media to keep in touch with their customer base and apprise them of their latest products and services. The trend of online shopping has also taken off in a big way as people prefer to order within the safe confines of their homes. Brands need to hone their social media skills and be more eloquent and vocal on these channels for the sake of their audience.

  • User-Friendly Customer Experience

As customers now engage with brands through online shopping, it is necessary to offer them customized and user-friendly experience to cater to their needs. Brands must look at innovative methods to move their business online and offer an experience from anywhere across the world. One of the methods to do so is integrate payment infrastructure into your existing ecosystem.

XanPay - benefits

To cater to the rising demand for brands, merchants, and businesses, XanPay offers innovative payment solution for a user-friendly experience. Brands can integrate a payment system like XanPay directly into their infrastructure and offer various payment methods to their customers. Moreover, customers can also choose to engage with their local payment methods and process faster cross border transactions without high transaction fees of traditional payment infrastructure.

  • New communication channels

With lockdown came restrictions and everything came to a standstill. As brands and individuals adapt to the changing realities digital avenues of communication are opening up to benefit all. Brands are now opting for the virtual launch of their products. Gyms are offering online workout sessions, people are watching concerts on Facebook live, museums and art galleries conduct online tours of their exhibits, and of course, education is imparted via online sessions. These are innovative methods to keep the business going as usual.

  • Innovative marketing techniques

Brands are now looking up to social media celebrities to endorse and brand their products. The increasing usage of social media channels has made some people very popular and their following runs into millions. Brands capitalize on their popularity and ask them to give them a shout out in their social media posts and stories. This is popularly called influencer marketing. Brands are now communicating through these social media influencers to their target audience.

Using giveaways, gift cards, and other promotional tools is another effective method to indulge with innovative marketing techniques. it is very important to engage your audiences and communicate with them. This gives the customers an assurance that their brand is standing with them in these difficult times and it is going the extra mile to help you cope with these testing times.

Bottom Line

These are some of the ways in which brands are communicating or they should be communicating with their audience in these Covid-19 times. They have certainly resorted to new and innovative methods for communicating their products to their customers. Moreover, businesses need to implement post pandemic solutions including moving businesses online and integrating a payment infrastructure so as to evolve as per the changing times.

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