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XanPay Blog - Guide to install XanPay plugin into WooCommerce

Get Cross-border Payments into your WooCommerce Store

With cashless payments as the future, small businesses and micro-brands that prioritized payments have grown tremendously during COVID-19.

The game top-up company, Elitedias, has unlocked 3 new markets and grew 500% in user acquisition. With one simple plugin, XanPay empowers small businesses like Elitedias to realize cross-border payment vision.

Step-By-Step Guide: Install FREE XanPay Plugin into WooCommerce

Log into XanPay account πŸ“ˆ

Step 1: Login to your XanPay account.

Create a free XanPay account if you don't have one yet and complete the steps.

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 1
Download free, no-code WooCommerce PayNow plugin πŸ‘Œ

Step 2: Download free XanPay WooCommerce plugin.

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 2
Install it into WooCommerce store πŸ›οΈ
Please keep the XanPay browser tab open for more in later steps.

Step 3: Go to your WordPress Admin page. Select 'Plugin' section on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

Step 4: Click [Add New] beside the title, Plugins.

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 3 to 4

Step 5: At the 'Add Plugins' page, click [Upload Plugin] beside the title.

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 5

Step 6: This opens up a segment. Upload the XanPay WooCommerce plugin via the [Choose File] button.

Step 7: Click on [Install Now] when the button lights upXanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 6 to 7

Step 8: Once the installation is completed, click on [Activate Plugin].

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 8

Now, you can view XanPay in the list of your plugins!

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce plugin

Set up XanPay to receive Cross-border Payments (from 15 countries!) πŸ’°

Step 9: Go to WooCommerce β†’ Settings on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

Step 10: Select 'Payments' tab.

Step 11: Activate XanPay by turning on the toggle under the 'Enabled' column. Move the payment methods up or down to display the sequence on the checkout page.

Step 12: Click [Set up] at the end of the XanPay row.

TIP: To increase your revenue, move the widely adopted payment method that charges the lowest overall fee to the top. πŸ‘€
XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 9 to 12

Step 13: Required fields before going live

Before going live, you need to provide 2 items: Production API Key and Production API Secret

Note: You can test your store by providing Sandbox API Key + Sandbox API Secret and checking the box for 'Enable Sandbox Mode'.

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 13

Get the Production Key and Certificate from XanPay πŸ”‘πŸ€”

So, where can you can those keys? Return to the XanPay browser tab.

Step 14: At XanPay account, navigate to 'API Keys' on the left-hand side of the screen, or go to the dashboard.

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 14

Step 15: On this page, you will find all the information you need.

Copy the key strings that are in the Production Environment, and paste them into setup fields back in WooCommerce:

  • Client ID in XanPay = WooCommerce Production API Key

  • Secret in XanPay (click to reveal) = WooCommerce Production API Secret

  • Public Key in XanPay = WooCommerce Certificate Public Key

NOTE: You will only get the Production Keys and Certificate after your KYC has been approved. XanPay has one of the fastest KYC approval process within 1-2 days. πŸ˜ƒ

XanPay Blog - Install XanPay WooCommerce Plugin Step 15

Step 16: Check that the required fields are completed. Click [Save changes] at the bottom of the page

XanPay Blog - Install XanPay WooCommerce Plugin Step 16

Congratulations! PayNow is now live πŸŽ‰πŸ›’

Step 17: PayNow option is now live on your WooCommerce store!

XanPay PayNow WooCommerce Step 17 Example of how it looks like on a WooCommerce store

Well done!

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