Tips and Strategies to Generate Leads for Your Freelance Business

How to generate leads for your freelance business? How to gain new clients and provide an optimized experience to your existing clients as a freelancing business?

Most businesses have set up a sales team to generate leads for them. As a freelancer, you are your own sales team, and you must generate quality leads. As a freelancer, you cover many roles, such as the CEO, CFO, and the CMO of your business. With that in mind, you are in charge of managing and maintaining a constant flow of quality leads for your pipeline.

How to Generate Leads for Your Freelance Business?

XanPay - Tips and Strategies to Generate Leads for Your Freelance Business

Tapping for new clients has to be the most challenging part of creating a business. When it comes to the freelance business, it comes down to you doing the lead generation to make sure your revenue streams don't run dry.

With limited time and several other things, you don't have the luxury to do experiments. What you need are proven methods and strategies that can help you maintain your income. In this article, we will share proven strategies and tips that will help you generate new leads consistently to increase your conversion rate.

1. Create your website

Every business needs an online presence in this day and age, and creating a website for your freelance business is not such a bad idea. A website will establish your credibility and display you as a professional who cares about your reputation.

Luckily, you don't need to be a pro web designer or hire a professional graphic designer. You can easily customize your website on WordPress and apply WordPress lead generation strategies to generate new leads.

2. Encourage referrals

Referrals are a feasible way of generating meaningful quality leads for your freelance business because they come from clients you have a professional relationship with and are satisfied with your work quality. Referrals, reviews, and testimonials are the most effective lead generation strategies.

Apart from nurturing protracted relationships, giving discounts and promotions to your clients can go a long way. Consider customizing special offers and discounts to clients that refer other people to your freelance business.

3. Invest in lead generation campaigns

For many freelancers, launching lead generation campaigns is always at the bottom of the to-do list. If your freelance business is not generating enough quality leads, investing in lead generation campaigns is the way to go. Before engaging in a paid lead generation campaign, you should prepare a reasonable budget that will be achievable and produce results.

When setting up a marketing plan, defining a significant goal is among the first steps. Even if you get more than anticipated, every campaign must have a specific primary objective. The most significant thing is that the goal must be measurable. For instance, if the lead conversion rate increases, you want to know whether the campaign is the reason.

4. YouTube marketing

Youtube is the world's second most popular website globally after Google, with nearly 2 billion active monthly users. Many people have been able to successfully market their skill sets by harnessing the power of YouTube.

YouTube is a perfect platform to expand the reach of your freelance business. You can leverage YouTube to publish 'how-to videos your audience is interested in. Such tutorials can help your audience while selling your services indirectly to other clients.

  • An effective YouTube strategy must follow these ten steps:

  • Identify your target keywords

  • Ensure your content is relevant

  • Customize a keyword-rich title for your content

  • Create an engaging content description

  • Select a relevant category for your video

  • Include subtitles and an SRT file

5. Select a niche audience

Setting up a niche campaign is a perfect way of generating new leads in a specific field requiring expertise. As such, a freelancer can intensely concentrate on your target audience and create content that is deftly suited for their specific needs.

Launching a niche campaign is usually beneficial because offering all your services to all possible customers needs more resources and commitment, which makes it ineffectual if your immediate objective is to generate leads.

6. Optimize your Payment Page

To effectively expand your freelancing business to geographical locations, it is necessary to integrate a payment page on your website. Payment gateway integration verifies the customer’s financial details and transfers funds to the merchant’s bank account. The payment gateway acts as the middlemen for websites and global customers to interact with each other. It is important to choose the right system that facilitates a seamless experience for your clients.

XanPay is your tool for expanding your business opportunities on a global scale without any hassles, all the while providing the best services to your customers. Its unique C2C routing technology enables easy processing of cross-border transactions in a much more efficient and affordable way. Moreover, we leverage our network of digital currency liquidity providers to enable payments between payment service providers (PSP), merchants, and their customers.

7. Use necessary collateral for your marketing campaign.

It is crucial to have the necessary marketing collateral for your marketing campaign to make it as robust as possible. After choosing a specific niche, you need to create a special offer for that niche, and a principle message conveyed for the entire period of the campaign.

The marketing collateral you choose for your campaign will entirely rely on the campaign you are pushing. If you are pushing a marketing campaign on Google, you will require creative copies and banners tailored per Google ads recommendations. If you are running your campaign on social media, you will need to create a well-detailed business page with diverse segments of banners.

No matter the type of campaign you plan to run, here are a few things that will strengthen the overall message:

  • A landing page: Creating dedicated landing pages is an effective way of generating quality leads by directing potential clients to your website.

  • Follow-up lead funnel: After acquiring your leads, it is vital to follow them up by creating a follow-up funnel. If you are sharing valuable gated content through email, ensure you send it at the appropriate moment.

  • Provide valuable gated content: When generating leads, it would be helpful if you knew that potential clients would not give you their email addresses just because you asked for them. You need to earn it by creating unique and valuable content that will compel potential customers to consider giving you their email addresses.

8. Live up to your promises

When generating leads, make sure you can deliver what you promise your potential clients. Failure to do so might see your clients walk away and never return to you, or they will not refer you to others. As a freelancer, it is crucial to pick projects that you can deliver quality-wise and promptly.

You should not launch a massive lead-generating campaign if you cannot manage the potential workload that might come with it. Doing that might cause your freelance business more harm than good. Living up to your promises will raise your credit score, and clients will always return for your services.

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