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Elitedias experienced a 5x increase in no. of transactions and uncovered new markets

XanPay - Elitedias - The game-changing credits top-up platformElitedias launches new payment options in Southeast Asia
Company Name Elitedias
Industry Gaming & eSports
Top Target Markets Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
Headquartered Singapore
Integration Method WooCommerce XanPay plugin
Rapid boom of the gaming industry

Gaming has become very popular during the pandemic. During the first few lockdowns in February and April of 2020, gaming activities surged due to the lack of mobility and convenience in passing the time. Up to 40% of the world's top gaming markets are located in Asia.

Elitedias was born to cater to this exact demand.

Growing the Singapore business locally

The game credits top-up brand was started by a 2-person team. They first started selling the credits on Carousell to their friends, cheaper than the Apple’s AppStore or Google’s PlayStore were offering. In a few months, they quickly realized that this would benefit a much bigger gamers market than they had anticipated.

Elitedias team has a strong focus on their home base market, Singapore. Apart from the usual credit card options, they look to include local payment method options to suit modern preferences. Despite XanPay being one of the newest payment options, the team observed an increasing number of users who chose it as their checkout method.

The team also developed a strategy to retain users. When users encounter PayNow QR payment issues on another payment gateway, they are redirected to the XanPay option to ensure purchases can still be completed seamlessly. This has greatly prevented the loss of both existing and new users in unexpected situations.

Opening new doors in the Asian market

Southeast Asia's (SEA) region is the fastest-growing mobile games market in the world, boasting a year-on-year growth of +17.4% with $2.6 billion in revenue. XanPay specializes in offering widely adopted alternative payment methods in this market.

Before XanPay, Elitedias was focusing mainly on the Singapore market. By using a simple no-code WooCommerce plugin integration from XanPay, the team quickly uncovered new markets in SEA. Cross-border payments came streaming in from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia within the month of integration. After a few months, the number of transactions from these new markets has increased more than 5x, and the volume has grown over 10x month-on-month.

The rapid pick-up has demonstrated how widely adopted, and familiar the users are to these alternative payment methods offered by XanPay in various countries. Users knew intuitively how to checkout and make easy payments.

“It is very exciting acquiring users from new countries using XanPay. This has given us a head start to grow in strong gaming markets such as Indonesia. The SEA region is booming, and we look forward to taking our business to the next level.” - Jordan Chen, Co-founder of Elitedias
  • Casual gamers of Elitedias in Singapore who uses XanPay have grown 5x in 3 months

  • Retained users who encounter PayNow issues on other payment gateways

  • Experienced immediate payment adoption in 3 new markets with one integration - Malaysia (MYR), Australia (AUD), Indonesia (IDR)

  • The volume of transactions from the new markets is increasing rapidly month-over-month

For more information about XanPay’s services in the gaming industry, please visit here. Visit the gaming top-up platform for more, Elitedias.

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