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April 19, 2021

How to Build Your Freelance Business

Tips and tricks to build your personal brand as a freelancer and successfully manage your freelancing business.

The gig economy has largely expanded in the last few years. However, the dynamics of working as a freelancer have changed. It is necessary for freelancers to build your own brand and operate it as a business to stay on the top of this competitive industry. To make sure your competitors don't stop your progress, it is extremely important to know the market and the best way to utilize and market your skills.

How to Build your Freelance Business

Xanpay - How to Build Your Freelance Business

In freelancing, this can be done by building your own personal brand and a reputation by gaining loyal customers. While there are several challenges that a freelancer has to deal with, like unpredictable payments and strange deadlines, the freedom to work for yourself, build your freelancer business, and personal brand are some of the perks to freelance.

While you do not work for a company, the competition has made it necessary for you to build your personal brand as a freelancer. In this article, we have combined tips and tricks that will help you run a successful freelance business.

1. Deliver before deadlines

One of the major challenges involved in working as a freelancer is tight deadlines. There is always something or the other that your client might ask you to change, and, therefore, it is quite important to submit the work at hand a little before your deadline expires.

Your ability to adhere to deadlines and deliver excellence within a given time frame is the key to boost credibility and gain your clients' trust. Not only will your current clients be glad they chose you, but the potential clients will be happy and more likely to contact you for their work as well.

Remember to negotiate the deadlines given to you beforehand to avoid any inconvenience later on. This is a crucial aspect to keep in mind as you cannot promise to deliver all types of work in a similar timespan. So, it's imperative to let your client know how much time you need before finalizing the deal. Delivering work within deadlines is a great way to ensure a long-term relationship with the client and also sets the foundation to build your personal brand.

2. Do not overpromise

For a freelancer, it is quite understandable to try and take up as much work as one can, as there is no surety when your clients might contact you next. However, this should not compromise your ability to deliver the work on time.

First of all, you need to identify your skills and niche. For example, a content writer that is good at writing for the fashion and lifestyle industry is not sure to find similar success as an editorial or a technical writer. Therefore, knowing your abilities is the key to making the most of your abilities.

You must realize that you aren't just competing with the other independent freelancers but against freelancing agencies and specific companies that excel at that work as well. Therefore, once you give your word to a client, make sure to deliver nothing below excellence, and you're sure to be developing excellent relations with them in no time.

3. Build your own website and domain for email address

Freelancers usually refrain from creating a website for themselves, as they often think that it isn't really important. However, it is important for freelancers to realize that leveraging innovative solutions will help them establish themselves as a brand with a successful portfolio.

While there is no definite need to do so, having a website that boasts your skills and ability to deliver excellence is guaranteed to leave a good first impression.

Similarly, having an email address on a personal domain isn't mandatory in any way. However, creating one is sure to show your clients how serious you are about your work and personal brand value. Furthermore, it adds to your credibility and ensures clients that you are sincere about your work and not just doing it as a part-time job.

You may also consider adding an extra step of having your own logo and business cards.

4. Leverage social media

Social media platforms aren't just for people to connect or bloggers to promote themselves and earn on. You can use it to promote your freelancing brand and gain customers from all platforms.

Social media platforms are excellent for anyone to promote their businesses and, nowadays, an incredibly resourceful way to find clients too. Such platforms have millions of users logging in every second. Therefore, making it the perfect place to reach out to numerous potential clients you would otherwise have no way to contact.

Build your brand as a freelancer on social media platforms and show how you've been advantageous for your previous clients. Advertising on these platforms helps you reach out to even more potential clients and is guaranteed to help your business grow over time.

Besides, you'll not just be gaining clients but a genuine group of followers that value and are excited to see your work as well.

5. Don't shy away from credits

As mentioned before, your work is your power. And taking credit for something that you've completed after working hard for isn't wrong in any way. Again, it helps you build a personal brand.

As a freelancer, this might actually be one of the most important ways to build your reputation. People not only need to know about your potential but the work you've delivered before to your clients as well

6. Design a visiting card

As a personal brand, you want to establish authority and add recall value to all your interactions. Even as a start-up, a personalized visiting card will help you show professionalism at both social and formal events.

Make sure to add a creative touch and add all the crucial details of your brand on the visiting card to make sure people can reach out to you anywhere.

7. Offer versatile payment methods

It is crucial to offer numerous payment methods to your clients to ensure they don't have trouble wiring your payment to you.

Besides, you might be working with international clients that have different payment options. Therefore, you must be comfortable receiving payments through different methods depending upon the client you're working with.

While starting your own brand, make sure to show your best works to the audience, as they are also your potential clients.Be confident and try to build your own freelance brand today! Over time, you're sure to find more value and success as compared to working for a company or a normal freelancer.

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